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When You’re Spread Too Thin (Tarot Idea update)

I have this habit of throwing myself into things without thinking at times. All at once til my head is spinning and slowly my energy is sapped. Some days I’m exhausted. The world stops and I find myself wanting to be still. How does one stop when you’re constantly used to being on the go? When your brain is like a whispering white noise machine except you are constantly overwhelmed rather than being lulled to sleep?

I’m learning to say no and push toward one at a time. It’s a struggle everyday when so much needs to be caught up on. But everyday if one things gets done. Then more get done til eventually there’s almost nothing left. I hope one day to each this. Where my mind is not a constant stream of thoughts and I’m able to relax, breathe and appreciate more. I’m content and spread too thin. But, grateful to what the future will bring.

I want to start weekly tarot draws for myself where it essentially foreshadows my weeks ahead or talk about the reading I do for myself.

Eventually I want this to extend to my readers if anyone is interested. I’ll have my social links below for more info. Feel free to message. Enjoy!

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