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Weekly Reading: Feeling Grateful

It’s a new week and was feeling a bit tired this morning. Staying up late with assignments do and work can be a bit rough. But I can’t pass up a reading for the week.

To start of the week I drew the card: The World

Yes, everyone. It was me, Dio.

The reference was irresistible. The World signifies completion or wholeness. Whether it be career, love, financial. A sense of unity within yourself. Start of new cycle and enjoying the present.

What a week to draw this. Considering how I’m feeling. It’s the last week of college classes before starting the new term next week. I have this sense of completion since I didn’t think I would finish. I am feeling good about this week and have some tasks to complete in order to feel balanced again. I hope this cycle continues for me. I’m grateful for the cards showing me many things. The World gives me peace to know that I can finally enjoy myself right now.

I’ve also gotten into reading some mangas and webtoons lately. The amount of binging I’m doing is insane since I haven’t read much manga in a while. Some titles I’ve gone through are Solo Leveling, Muted, Flow, Positively Yours and started Tokyo Revengers (where the anime left off). There’s so many on my list to read and catch up on. I only hope to have the time. I wish there was more time in the day while needing less sleep. I could probably get more done that way.

Thank you for joining me this week on my weekly tarot reading! Weekly I’ll draw one card for either myself or someone in my life (maybe even content readers!) to talk about anonymously or explain the card with vague context and quotes from said person. Much love and stay sweet everyone!

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