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Monday Weekly Readings: New Oracle Deck

This week I’ve added the rose gold oracle deck in my reading. Just purchased and received this one recently from Threads of Fate. I wanted to connect with it personally first. I also purchased another altar cloth from a cute Etsy shop. It’s absolutely beautiful and big enough to fit both decks for this 1 card draw readings. Let’s find out how this week is looking.

Justice and Power

Justice (Tarot): What an interesting draw. Justice signifies truth, law and fairness. Karmic justice will be coming this week. This is a neutral card in which I connect with. Some wrongs in my life I avoided and didn’t wish to dwell in during that time. I became radio silent after. I don’t seek the people who wronged me. I only try to wish people the best. I truly believe putting good energy out into the world can be rewarding when finding the right people to share it with. Protect your energy sweeties. Not everyone wishes the best to those of us doing well.

Power (Oracle): I drew from this deck to seek wisdom for the week. This is perhaps a reminder that I’m more powerful than I realize. To draw in my inner strength without fear. I would be lying to myself if I didn’t say drawing this card erased the last bit of self doubt I had within.

Justice and Power. Two rather powerful drawings to start the week. Today I begin a new term in school. The stress of everything has made me currently sick with a slight fever and thought maybe my energy wouldn’t sit right with me today. However, I felt the need to erase that doubt and try anyway. I’m bring more content soon. Trying to put together some things now that school is easing up a little. Blogging brings me a sense of joy so I would like to continue. Stay sweet everyone.

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