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Monday Weekly Readings: Going with the Flow

As I continue this journey of readings and spirituality. It hasn’t failed me…yet. I think I’ll forever enjoy the feelings and affirmation these cards give me. Today was no exception for the card of the week.

Eight of Wands

The card of the week is Eight of Wands: Potential, Faith, Flow

It’s asking time to let this week flow. The potential positive energy is coming and to have faith in letting things take control. Good things are coming. There’s small or big signs showing this. The potential is endless. I need to focus on what I want and go for it.

This card is a first for me since I’m yet to see it be drawn for myself. I understand what I want and what my deck has to tell me. The mutual trust and communication is alive and well.

Anyone else read tarots for themselves only when first starting out? I’m still hoping to start doing readings for others soon. To sharpen my skills and intuition. Feel free reach out with any questions. I’ll post later this week my setup and explanation on what I feel/sense when it comes to myself. I’m learning and researching so I’m fairly new to all this. Thank you for understanding and reading my content. Stay sweet everyone!

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