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Life Update with Anime/Manga Watch List: November 2021

It’s been difficult to find time for anything really. I don’t play video games the way I used to. I miss it but until the baby has a more set bed time. I don’t myself playing anytime soon. Along with school assignments and part time job. It’s overwhelming to say the least.

What I have found some time to do in between breastfeeding and doing chores once the kids are in bed is watch different things. I only recent got back into reading again. But I’ll still have some suggestions on here.

Tokyo Revengers

Currently my top three must watch. Fruits Basket has me close to tears in almost every episode with its wholesomeness. Once I’m done with the last season. I might just rewatch for the feels.

I didn’t realize how much I’m actually reading at this point since I’m waiting for next chapters to release. But here’s my list!

Freaking Romance (WEBTOON)
Omniscient Reader (WEBTOON)
Noblesse (WEBTOON)

Phew! Lots of suggestions in here. But these are my highly recommended choices. There’s a good mix in here for all kinds of readers. Enjoy!

Life has been crazy. But, these little things that I can find time for. Staying up on a reading or episode binge is always something I live for. Stay sweet everyone!

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