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Transitions: Life Update

I don’t think hectic would even begin to describe my life. There are many transitions in life, and I’m experiencing many. Meetings for Kindergarten. A tour of a day center for the little one. Finishing my Bachelors this year. Roles at work being changed. While still trying to accept that things will not be the same after COVID.

Accepting that changes came and went. Moments in time, I won’t return, no matter how much I miss them. I’ve revisited these moments and dwelled on them. I appreciate these moments and time for what they taught me and where it led me to.

I tend to tack on more than I should, whether this is to keep myself busy or to anxiety about slowing down. I’m not sure, but I hope always to try to make the best decisions with a sound mind than a busy one.

I’m still writing the book I started here. I’ve added more to it. I just needed time to post it and hope to return with Tarot Tuesday every first Tuesday of the month and those in between with others. It’s almost been two years of practicing tarot, and it still surprises me sometimes.

The year has barely started. But we are already a quarter in—another year=another adventure.


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