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Weekend Prompt Day: Digital Vision

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

This has changed for me after having kids when it comes to material things I suppose. But where ever life takes me. I hope to be content and that my family is happy.

We are still on the fence about owning a home. Besides the responsibilities of owning one. The cost in NYC for a home is essentially…ridiculous for the lack of a better word. We’ve thought about leaving before but the cons weigh in more than the pros. My husband and I are city people in the end but it was more for our jobs, benefits, and the needs of our kids in the future. We see an opportunity for us to grow here.

What I do is probably still owning an EV, watching anime, attending conventions with friends, back to school for a higher degree, owning a business, journaling, blogging, and giving back to other families who have children with disabilities.

This post will be what I look back on to reflect on what’s been accomplished or added on since then. I’m excited to see where life goes.

Anyone else with short term or long term goals?


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