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Monday Weekly Readings: New Oracle Deck

This week I’ve added the rose gold oracle deck in my reading. Just purchased and received this one recently from Threads of Fate. I wanted to connect with it personally first. I also purchased another altar cloth from a cute Etsy shop. It’s absolutely beautiful and big enough to fit both decks for this 1 card draw readings. Let’s find out how this week is looking.

Justice and Power

Justice (Tarot): What an interesting draw. Justice signifies truth, law and fairness. Karmic justice will be coming this week. This is a neutral card in which I connect with. Some wrongs in my life I avoided and didn’t wish to dwell in during that time. I became radio silent after. I don’t seek the people who wronged me. I only try to wish people the best. I truly believe putting good energy out into the world can be rewarding when finding the right people to share it with. Protect your energy sweeties. Not everyone wishes the best to those of us doing well.

Power (Oracle): I drew from this deck to seek wisdom for the week. This is perhaps a reminder that I’m more powerful than I realize. To draw in my inner strength without fear. I would be lying to myself if I didn’t say drawing this card erased the last bit of self doubt I had within.

Justice and Power. Two rather powerful drawings to start the week. Today I begin a new term in school. The stress of everything has made me currently sick with a slight fever and thought maybe my energy wouldn’t sit right with me today. However, I felt the need to erase that doubt and try anyway. I’m bring more content soon. Trying to put together some things now that school is easing up a little. Blogging brings me a sense of joy so I would like to continue. Stay sweet everyone.

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Weekend Burn Outs: One Day at a Time

I do admit I’m learning to not be a procrastinator since it’s stressful as the weekends approach. Each week the same dance happens where college term comes and I’m handing things in late and continue to put things in the back burner. Only to stress and rush to focus for hours til I’m burned out and on my wits end. During the week I work part time and have my boys. I worry about every little thing. What to cook, what to clean, where to start, doing the tasks asked of me along with much more. Lately I find myself stopping to take a breath. Worrying about the amount of stress I endure and experience.

Will this be forever? Maybe. But I want to find a way to endure while also finding peace. I’ve learned to take naps when I can. Attempt one to two tasks a day and keep a rhythm. This has so far been helpful. The stress although fairly high doesn’t not put me in a state of shutting down and full on panic anymore. I’ve questioned my mental health and slowly have returned to having moments of self care. These moments I get to love myself and be selfish for 5 minutes. The burn out lasts so long. Monday comes again with the linger of anxiety for the week. Relief of being able to accomplish some tasks. Grateful to have made it through a weekend.

I’m learning.

One day at a time. I’ll make it through. Motherhood isn’t easy but it’s special in its own way. A journey of never ending wonder and surprises. Always learning and permanently tired.

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Weekly Reading: Feeling Grateful

It’s a new week and was feeling a bit tired this morning. Staying up late with assignments do and work can be a bit rough. But I can’t pass up a reading for the week.

To start of the week I drew the card: The World

Yes, everyone. It was me, Dio.

The reference was irresistible. The World signifies completion or wholeness. Whether it be career, love, financial. A sense of unity within yourself. Start of new cycle and enjoying the present.

What a week to draw this. Considering how I’m feeling. It’s the last week of college classes before starting the new term next week. I have this sense of completion since I didn’t think I would finish. I am feeling good about this week and have some tasks to complete in order to feel balanced again. I hope this cycle continues for me. I’m grateful for the cards showing me many things. The World gives me peace to know that I can finally enjoy myself right now.

I’ve also gotten into reading some mangas and webtoons lately. The amount of binging I’m doing is insane since I haven’t read much manga in a while. Some titles I’ve gone through are Solo Leveling, Muted, Flow, Positively Yours and started Tokyo Revengers (where the anime left off). There’s so many on my list to read and catch up on. I only hope to have the time. I wish there was more time in the day while needing less sleep. I could probably get more done that way.

Thank you for joining me this week on my weekly tarot reading! Weekly I’ll draw one card for either myself or someone in my life (maybe even content readers!) to talk about anonymously or explain the card with vague context and quotes from said person. Much love and stay sweet everyone!

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Card Readings and My Setup: Weekly Tarot Readings

I wanted to start weekly tarot drawings for myself for the start of the week and the outlook of that week. Eventually, I would like this to be done for others and keep them anonymous in order to send them good vibes and guidance.

Hopefully I can keep this up on Mondays. Life recently has been a mess and I’m learning to take it a day at a time.

For this weeks draw I got: The Fool.

The Fool Arcana with current setup

This is an interesting card that doesn’t seem to let go of me. I shuffle the cards in such a way that I would expect to receive a somewhat different card. But, being a spiritual person and since I’m the one choosing from the deck. It tends to lead me to this card.

The Fool is Honest, Genuine and Curious. Representing the beginning of a journey I am on. A long road with ups and downs to come. This is usually a positive and motivational card. One that tells me that I should jump into the new opportunities without fear nor doubt. I have nothing to lose in this journey within myself.

What a way to start the week and a new blog talking about it. This card has followed me throughout many personal readings. Sounds like I’m on an never ending journey and on adventures that come with many challenges. Looking back on this past year and what’s to come. I can agree and I’m both excited and nervous to endure it.

Here’s to a Happy Monday and for what lies ahead this week. I will do my best to keep this as a series in my blog. I am new to this and an amateur. But I hope to mature this side of me with time. Anyone else into tarot readings or have done a reading? Do tell about it as I love hearing others experience with it. Stay sweet everyone!

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When You’re Spread Too Thin (Tarot Idea update)

I have this habit of throwing myself into things without thinking at times. All at once til my head is spinning and slowly my energy is sapped. Some days I’m exhausted. The world stops and I find myself wanting to be still. How does one stop when you’re constantly used to being on the go? When your brain is like a whispering white noise machine except you are constantly overwhelmed rather than being lulled to sleep?

I’m learning to say no and push toward one at a time. It’s a struggle everyday when so much needs to be caught up on. But everyday if one things gets done. Then more get done til eventually there’s almost nothing left. I hope one day to each this. Where my mind is not a constant stream of thoughts and I’m able to relax, breathe and appreciate more. I’m content and spread too thin. But, grateful to what the future will bring.

I want to start weekly tarot draws for myself where it essentially foreshadows my weeks ahead or talk about the reading I do for myself.

Eventually I want this to extend to my readers if anyone is interested. I’ll have my social links below for more info. Feel free to message. Enjoy!

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Tarot Readings: Beginning my Awakening

I recently got into tarot reading one day. Not sure exactly, you know those Facebook Ads that creepily come up and you tell yourself “yeah they’re listening.” It was probably one of those. I came across an ad for Threads of Fate. I fell in love with their card designs, the aesthetics, and their belief of finding our own individuality as spiritual people. Then there I was purchasing not one but two of their decks. No regrets. I highly recommend their decks with how gorgeous they are. I feel connected with my decks and it’s funny cause when I did introduce myself to my decks they sassed me. How could they!?

First of all, the decks are gorgeous. I was able to get their Tarot Journeyer and Oracle Lumen. Still debating the rose edition for collector’s sake. I’ve mostly used them to read myself or any residual energy from my dreams. The accuracy has been unreal and yet comforting to say the least. I was happy to be able to do a reading for a friend who had passed and was able to do a spirit guide spread and it was accurate for them too. It was emotional and exciting all at once.

The excitement I feel when reading buzzes throughout my whole being. I feel a tug in my soul and this vibration that relaxes me. Although I am completely new to this and not sure what any of this supposed to be like. I hope to be able to read for others one day. But for now, I’ll keep the cards close and personal until I’m ready. I have uploaded my somewhat set up so far on my tik tok. Doesn’t do the deck’s beauty any justice. Enjoy!

Have you been to a tarot reading before? How was it? Did you feel anything? Comment below your experience. Stay sweet lovelies.


Barely Processing the year 2020

Isn’t it crazy that it’s almost 2022? Feels like 2020 was a blur while 2021 is barely coming into focus. It’s insane how much has changed since then. The uncertainty that still lingers after all this time. 2020 was the year that I felt the most change: from starting school. Losing a job due to the pandemic and back to work again from home. Pregnant and chasing a toddler around for his therapies. It feels like things have slowly come to a rhythm of sorts. Now my toddler is going to school and things have picked up at work. Getting through the school terms with hiccups on the way. None the less I can’t complain.

I’m still here moving along as the changes comes. You discover things. You meet people along the way. Hobbies come and go. As do people in your life. You form connections and lose some. There’s things I discovered about myself that I didn’t know before. Overcame obstacles I never thought I would face. But overall, this uncertainty is still here. For now, I’ll continue to sip my morning coffees and try to smile through this. Appreciate the days and nights with my little ones and husband.

How has your life changed since the pandemic? Comment below.

Also wanted to thank everyone who consistently read my blogs and give likes. I appreciate you all. Stay sweet everyone.


Juggling Time and Hobbies: Personal Struggles

There’s simply not enough time in a day for everything. I’ve always cycled hobbies and things I learn or want to learn. Once I find something I like. I research and try my best to find out everything about it before diving in. Even when I do, there’s a chance I’ll lose interest. Whether it be lack of time or the way my brain is wired (more on this later). Hobbies or at least some can be cycled whether it be by seasons, mood, or life style changes. After becoming a mother, this is exceptionally true. I didn’t lose interest but I had less time. Work? School? Well things get complicated.

I’ll be honest. For some things my time management is on point. Especially if it has nothing to do with myself (Ha!). I do tend to procrastinate when it comes to myself personally, it’s a struggle. Constant cycle of when should I do this? When should I do that? I have an appointment tomorrow? Since when?

I’ve officially become that person. The calendar person. Where I use google calendar to input my work meetings, family related events, doctor appointments or reminders. Without them I would be a complete mess of a person. Causing more stress than I already have. I try my best to squeeze in hobbies that make me happy. Watching anime, playing video games with friends, reading, writing, and even blogging. I wish I could be more active on this. Time escapes so easily when you’re busy.

Hobbies are a form of self love and a way to de stress. But it can also take away from priorities which makes it such a struggle to balance. One day this won’t be so overwhelming for me. That’s what I keep telling myself. That life is an ocean, do we prepare for a storm or will it be a wonderful day? It’s unpredictable.

One day it’ll get better. Just maybe not tomorrow?


Celebrating Life Accomplishments

Life is constantly moving. It’s always changing and you start to wonder how different things are every time you dwell in the past. As someone who overthinks things and puts herself down. I want to take a moment to celebrate some life accomplishments/updates that I feel proud or happy about:

•Got my license •First car purchase •GPA went up •Induced into The National Society of Leadership and Success •Keeping appointments both for physical and mental health upkeep •6 months breastfeeding •Managed to not gain more than 3 pounds •Became an aunt to an adorable little boy •Continuing my school education regardless of the obstacles I face •Practicing tarot card reading

Some of this was not easy. Sometimes even the strongest can fall but it’s important to get back up again. I strive for something when I think of my future and my family. But I always try to remind myself to slow down and be happy. To thank my loved ones for their support. At times this is scary. As a mother and a wife, there’s so much to worry about that it’s easy to forget about myself in many ways. Self care, eating healthy, finding time for things I love, while also continuing what I set out to do. Most of all achieving happiness and finding joy in all the small things.

I hope to continue these updates and blogs. I might just post random things. I want to post about anime, cars, school and motherhood struggles. Or whatever I feel like in the moment. But I’ll stick to whatever works.

What makes you happy? Comment below. Follow me on my social links below and stay sweet everyone.


Breaks and Still Broken

It’s hard trying to be better for yourself. To create these habits to build yourself up. Tell that voice in your heard to stop being so negative and breathe a moment. I’m still on a journey. A journey where I find myself wondering where life will go and trying to experience things as they come to me.

These frequent breaks are necessary but doesn’t mean I come back bigger or better. I try to be stronger and sometimes it’s difficult doing it. But I strive for a better tomorrow. Cherish the day and keep pushing more than yesterday. I hope I want to be kinder to myself moving forward.

If you’re reading this take it as a sign. Be kinder to yourself too. I’ll update more soon sweeties. Much love.