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Friday Prompt Day!

What do you enjoy doing most in your leisure time?

I enjoy connecting with like-minded people.

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Common Questions I Get with Baymax (Tesla Model Y) Random Q&A

Q: Why a Tesla?

A: Cause it’s cool. Haha kidding (mostly). I like the idea of investing in a greener future. Adding on the car has been named one of the safest vehicles and the acceleration was nice. I couldn’t help but feel attracted to making the purchase.

Q: Is it better than gas?

A: Depends on the person. I like the quietness when driving long distances with only the music playing. Also, lack of oil changes means spending less time on maintenance. It’s a personal preference really…

Q: Have you really saved money?

A: Again this might be a personal preference. At the time we purchased the car. The difference in numbers was about 350-400 dollars a month. Currently with the gas surge according to “Charge stats” we are saving somewhere between 130-158 dollars a month. Along with Smart charge rewards we’ve been averaging about 10-25 dollars a month in rewards which is put towards supercharging or our electricity bill. The difference with current NYC gas prices is about 165 dollars extra a month to own an EV. I can only imagine in other places where people’s commutes are longer. I want Baymax around for as long as possible so I would say in about 4-6 years time. I would see the possible savings. (My referral link for SmartCharge Rewards to earn an extra 25,000 bonus points which equals 25 dollars!)

Q: White seats with kids!? How?

A: Don’t let them drink anything besides water. I occasionally take the car seats out and my husband vacuums the car. I wipe it down with warm mild soap water and use a microfiber clothe. Between the cleaning I have water wipes to clean off if I see anything. We’ve had Baymax since November 2021 and the seats are as bright as ever.

Q: How do you charge?

A: Whenever possible I charge from home which benefits me with the Smartcharge rewards but occasionally I’ll supercharge when I can’t since I rent at the home and the driveway isn’t mine. It’s trickle charge (level 1 charging) so overnight I charge about 10-15 percent at a time. I try to connect the car when it’s 60 percent or higher. Any chance to charge I’m thankful for regardless.

Q: Do you like it?

A: I have to say that I love Baymax. It’s a fun car to drive and my dream car for a while. Living in NYC it wasn’t necessary for us to have a car. But after having kids and them being so young. Traveling became difficult. Our Honda CRV was a nice first car and I enjoyed the trunk space I admit. Of course, there’s always it’s pros and cons. But I wouldn’t trade it (unless for another Tesla. Another Model Y?) if we ever happen to own a house in the future.

Q: Is it worth it?

A: Personal preference but yes to me it is worth it. I see it as an investment and a better tomorrow for a greener future. Safety comes first for us. And without much of a different cost wise. I would say so. There have been issues going around with Tesla service, panel gaps, and maintenance issues. But I think that comes with the territory at times. But I do agree with how much money is being spent for this vehicle. I wouldn’t want to settle for anything less or too troublesome.

Q: Isn’t charging difficult?

A: It’s interesting at times. It can be another errand at times. Needing permission to park in the driveway to charge, super charging when I’m unable to, or having to run a charge as an errand. Luckily, now where I supercharge is close to our medical doctors, 10 min away from my job, the gym we attend to is super close by, playground for the kids, places to eat and there’s stores to shop at. So lately it feels like a family outing or good day at the gym. Road trip wise we need to stop anyway for the kids so I don’t see it as a hassle. Sure filling up a gas tank is quick if you’re traveling alone or with adults I suppose. But with children it’s inevitable we will stop for diaper changes and food. By the time it’s all said and done we are on the road again with 80-90 percent.

Phew! So these are the top questions I get about my Tesla Model Y so far. Others have been more of a quick response or teaching people how the car works and runs. Our Baymax officially has social media accounts! Follow if interested and of course my personal accounts will always be below. Stay sweet everyone!

IG: @ teslabaymax_nyc

Twitter @ teslabaymaxnyc

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Thankful for this Life but not the Holiday Blues: Q&A Reply

Holidays can be either exciting or depressing. As an adult sometimes the wonder leaves you. Your mind crowded and stressed with everything around you. It’s easy to get caught up. Guilt and regret rises up from the past. Worrying about the future.

But I also lose myself in the wonder. The laughter and the different smells of food. I wondered growing up if I would have the same traditions and I didn’t. But I want wherever we call home to be filled with love and understanding. For our children to have their own traditions and beliefs. One day. Once they can speak up. I’ll ask what they would like.

During these times it’s easy to fall into a place of who to reconnect with and despair of those who’ve moved on. To want to rekindle of what once was and dwell in the past. The holiday blues…

Q: What do you do besides tarot reading?

A: Besides being a mother, wife, student and working. I enjoy watching anime and different shows, reading manga and webtoons, playing video games, blogging of course. And much more. I tend to keep up with tech info and things about Tesla. Since I study psychology I do like to research and research on things. I used to be able to read so many books and now I have been reading things about witches and pagan. As a gamer I’ve always been a PlayStation fan. But ever since I got my pc. Haven’t been back. I do have a set up and start streaming last year but being so busy I stopped unfortunately. If there’s anything else. I’m always here! Keep the questions coming.

If there’s anything else. My contact is below. If anyones interested in a vibe check reading or connecting. Blessed be and stay sweet lovelies!

WhatsApp/Text: (917) 635-7597